A-Freezing Thailand

Air-Con Out of Control in Bangkok?A Bangkok coffee house has become the first area of the capital to be declared a Cold Disaster Zone.

The restaurant, whose name cannot be reported because our correspondent is still hospitalized with frost-bite, is said to the in Central Bangkok.

Other CDZs are mostly restricted to the North where, in some areas, tourists flock to see morning frosts.

The Central Bangkok CDZ, however, is entirely a man-made affair with a restaurant manager in police custody for being overly-heavy handed with the air-conditioning control. “We were hoping it might snow near the cake counter…” the unfortunate is reported to  have chattered as he defrosted in the back of a police van.

Excessively cold air conditioning is seen as a sign of sophistication and wealth and several private residences have seen their HiSo occupants hospitalized for frost-bite and hypothermia, but this is the first occasion where government aid has been required of a commercial establishment. Appeals for blankets and hot toddies have met with a lukewarm response from the public.

This incident is unlikely to dampen HiSo enthusiasm for air-con. Several clients were expelled from a VIP cinema recently for trying to ice-skate during the movie and Siam Paragon is rumoured to be expecting it’s first avalanche any day now.